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Wolfgang & Anna Bossard Iten Memorial Scholarship Fund

Due: March 1st

Barbara Iten has established this fund support Etna Union High School students who are interested in pursuing a college degree in any of the following fields: Music, Education, Pre-medicine, Nursing, Radiology and Imaging. Up to $9,500.00 available.

Candidates who meet all of the following criteria are eligible:

1. Origin: Etna Union High School

2. Level: Graduating High School Senior

3. GPA: Minimum 3.3 GPA

4. Destination: UC or CSU in California

5. Enrollment: Full-time

6. Field of Study: Pursuing a degree in Music, Education, Pre-medicine, Nursing, Radiology or Imaging.

7. Financial Need: will be used as a tie breaker between otherwise equal candidates

8. Additional Requirements: applicants must be well-rounded students. Examples include: employment, community service, extracurricular activities, athletics, tutoring, involvement in music, etc. Also, applicants must be a resident of Scott Valley for four (4) years and have attended Etna Union High School for three (3) years.

For more information and to download the application, click on the file below.

2021 Wolfgang Anna Bossard Iten
Download PDF • 722KB

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